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About us

CONSULTAX, k.s. is a member of a group of advisory companies operating under the name “pd&partners”, associating several successful and experienced companies. Their main object is the provision of professional advisory services - from keeping economic and payroll agenda through performance of auditing activities up to complex accounting and tax advisory services.

CONSULTAX, k.s., was established in 2002. The company´s activity is, however, being supported by almost 20-year professional experience of its founders.

The main object of CONSULTAX, k.s. is the provision of tax and accounting advisory services, keeping accounting and payroll agenda (complex bookkeeping). The company´s partners include PD Consult s.r.o. as a general partner and Ing. Marián Šinský, Ing. Peter Palcát and Ing. Peter Dvorák as limited partners.

In providing professional advisory services, CONSULTAX, k.s. is putting great emphasis on qualification, experience, and professionalism. All these attributes contribute to the high quality of the advisory services being provided. Our advantage consists in universal skills of our employees who are able, when necessary, to provide accounting as well as tax advisory services at a high quality level.

This is proved also by the fact that one of the partners of CONSULTAX, k.s. is Ing. Marián Šinský, a licensed tax advisor with long-term experience in providing tax advisory services. During his current practice, he worked for the Ministry of Finance of the SR, where he participated in the formation and preparation of tax and accounting legislative rules and later in two reputable international advisory companies - at first with KPMG and then with Deloitte&Touche. In both companies, he actively participated in the provision of accounting, tax and legal advisory to large Slovak production and distribution companies, financial institutions, as well as subsidiaries and branches of large supranational companies.

In 2005, we became a member of the Slovak-German Trade and Industry Chamber. Through its membership in the Chamber, CONSULTAX, k.s. is trying to address foreign clients and help them properly orientate themselves in the local tax, legal and economic legislations.

This is another reason why we have become quite a powerful local advisory company in the Slovak market, often sought-after not only by domestic clients but also by foreign supranational companies that have establish, are establishing, or plan to establish their subsidiaries in Slovakia and require problem-free and complete economic service.

Ing. Peter Palcát