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An integral part of the complexity of our company´s services is the keeping of personnel and payroll agenda. By taking into account client requirements and adjusting deadlines and form of cooperation, we are able to flexibly approach each client individually. The keeping of personnel and payroll agenda is always in compliance with the current legislation of labour law, social and health insurance law and tax law. The administrative and professional burden is being fully transferred by us from the client environment to our company, where we provide, through experienced professionals and effective information systems, for high-quality services. The main goal of the personnel and payroll agenda outsourcing is to release the client from all concerns related to the provision for this activity. For this reason and through power of attorney, the client is fully represented in all relevant institutions by our authorised employees. We have extended our offer of basic activities of keeping personnel and payroll agenda by an offer of analyses and managerial reports as per client´s individual requirements.

Basic Activities of Keeping Payroll and Personnel Agenda:

  • registration and deregistration of employees in social and health insurance institutions;
  • regular monthly calculation of wages based on employees´ statements of attendance submitted by the client;
  • export of obligatory monthly statements into relevant electronic collection systems of the Social Insurance Company and health insurance companies;
  • sending surveys, reports on deducted advances .. and communication with the Tax Office;
  • sending reports to authorised persons as per the client´s requirements (agreed sets of payroll agenda + individual sets);
  • preparation of transfer orders or imports to HB or IB;
  • possibility to send password protected e-payroll slips to e-mails of the client´s staff or delivered or sent to the client in the e-form or printed form;
  • issuance of confirmations and documents in case of a termination of employment;
  • calculation of annual tax clearance of employees and preparation of relevant agenda;
  • as required by the client, direct communication with employees as per agreement;
  • in case of the commencement and termination of employment, provision of consultations and, upon request, preparation of relevant documents;
  • preparation of personnel agenda; advisory and consulting activities in case of complicated employment situations;