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With the outsourcing of accounting services, we are trying to satisfy specific needs of each client, in which we are being successful also thanks to our individual approach in setting parameters of cooperation with each client. Our strong competitive advantage consists in our close cooperation and methodical support of internal auditors and auditor assistants of the audit company, Interaudit International s.r.o.

As a matter of fact, we provide information about preliminary economic results to our clients within the agreed cycles during the accounting period (on a quarterly, monthly basis) as well as monitoring of selected financial indices as required by the client.

We also offer the continuous performance of control activities to our clients, while focusing on the compliance with the proper accounting methods, preparation of financial analyses and reports for needs of clients and their parent companies abroad as well as within the framework of their cooperation with various financial institutions. We also provide consulting and advisory services, prepare consolidated financial statements, and perform consulting and advisory activities in the area of foreign exchange relationships. Upon client´s request, we prepare statistical statements (monthly, quarterly, annual), Intrastat, etc.